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Commercial property owners choose epoxy flooring for a variety of flooring installations because of the high caliber results and quality.

The applications are great for new concrete slabs or existing floors that need a little sprucing up. The coatings are ideal for protecting concrete flooring and lowering the risk of cracks and damage.

They choose the applications because of their high performance, durability, and smooth surfaces. The applications last for many years and stand up to heavy foot traffic and abuse. It won’t show signs of wear and tear for many years even with commercial use.


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    Businesses choose the products because they can handle excessive foot traffic, heavy materials, and commercial vehicles in spaces such as garages and showrooms. The flooring can withstand the pressure of tons of weight without becoming compromised. This is why the flooring is a great choice for retailers and even commercial office spaces.

    The property owners have come to depend on the strong flooring options to maintain cleaner work spaces and safer work conditions where products, equipment, and their inventory remain. It provides the most professional selection for commercial properties and stands up to the weight of larger crowds of customers.

    Preparation for Epoxy Floor Coating

    • The first steps are to clean the existing flooring thoroughly and remove all debris quickly.

      Our installers complete a proper cleaning and use diamond grinding to remove stains and stuck-on debris.

    • The flooring cannot have any existing sealants or polish for the epoxy to adhere properly to the flooring.

      If these conditions exist, we must strip the flooring completely.

    • Next, we repair and patch any existing damage, chips, or cracks in the flooring.

      Existing grease or dirt must be removed completely before the epoxy is applied. We use proper products to eliminate unwanted substances and start with a clean slate.

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    The Most Successful Epoxy Flooring Installations Start With a Proper Inspection

    Our flooring installers complete a thorough inspection of the existing flooring. We review all problematic areas that could present issues. The findings of the inspection determine if the flooring is damaged beyond repair, the installers cannot complete the epoxy installation. Missing pieces of concrete, significant holes, and serious gouges are signs that the floor needs to be replaced first. There must be self-leveling materials present to complete the new application.

    Our Team Manages Vapor Transmission to Avoid Installation Issues

    Extremely high vapor transmissions require the team to apply an epoxy primer to improve the application. The technicians will apply up to three coats of the primer. If the floor remains wet, epoxy will not adhere to it, and the property owner will need to choose another option.

    Next, the team must test the temperatures in the space, and the space cannot be too humid. The test determines if the floor is the right choice for an epoxy coating. If the temperatures are too high or too low during the application, it could cause bubbling of the coating before it cures properly. Bubbling could also lead to peel and blushing of the coating. Temperatures that are too cool could present proper leveling of the floor.

    Climate professional measuring indoor space for temperature and humidity in Philadelphia, PA.

    The technicians will vacuum the floor and remove dust after the coating has dried sufficiently. The floor will be perfectly clean when the property owner steps on it for the first time.

    Epoxy Resinous Floor Coating Benefits

    Commercial organizations want a better solution for their floors. They can acquire exceptional benefits in all operational areas where workers walk frequently, and machinery is used. Epoxy is a great choice for all commercial spaces from waiting rooms to lobbies, and even restaurant owners and retailers could benefit from the floor coating. It will improve the functionality of the flooring and make it far more aesthetically pleasing.

    The property owner gains many positive attributes once the flooring is coated, and it provides a timeless look. The new application improves the first impression on visitors and customers. Their guests and clients will appreciate the high-quality flooring and beauty of the designs.

    Timeless Flooring Choices

    Our installation team won’t interrupt business operation, and they can complete the full application in three days. It is recommended that the property owner allows the flooring to cure completely before using. Once the application is completed, it will last for many years.

    The Elimination of Gaps and Bacteria

    The application prevents bacteria from entering gaps in the flooring and lingering. The flooring application prevents any gaps or cracks where bacteria could hide. When cleaning the floor, workers won’t have to worry about health hazards as they are removed with cleaning products. Mold, mildew, and even pest could become a problem if there are cracks in the floor. Epoxy could be the right choice for commercial floors.

    Beautiful Flooring for Commercial Spaces

    Commercial property owners get a more aesthetically pleasing floor for their property, and they can add flakes of color to coordinate with the decor. They can also get a high gloss shine for the surface and wow visitors. Property owners can also add coatings to make the floor more slip-resistant and decrease the risk of worker-related injuries and accidents.

    At Guardian Epoxy Flooring, our team can provide inspections, repairs, and brand-new installations for all property owners. The new products improve the way the spaces look and give the owners better protection against liabilities. The flooring will stay cleaner and more attractive with the coatings. Property owners can set up a consultation or inspection by calling us right now!

    Ease of Maintenance

    The floor coating offers heightened longevity and ease of maintenance for the property owners. They can use light products such as brooms and mops to clean the flooring and eliminate dirt, debris, and unwanted substances.

    The floors resist oil stains and water damage. Once it is sealed, the owner can clean the flooring with water without any worries. The applications are chemical resistant and won’t become damaged because of exposure. Battery acid and automobile oil could present an issue with plain concrete floors, but the epoxy protects the floor and protects the floor from chemical damage.

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