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From commercial properties to suburban homes, epoxy floor coatings have grown in popularity, and today more homeowners are installing the flooring choices in their garages. These spaces are no longer just used for parking cars and storing unwanted items. The property owners may incorporate the garage into entertainment spaces and expand these options around their homes.

The flooring choices gained more popularity in car dealerships and showrooms to create a high-end look for industrial and commercial properties. With the increase of appeal, homeowners have adopted the new flooring choices to give their own garages a high-caliber look.

Initially, the property owners installed the epoxy flooring into their garages. The flooring gave them all the right elements to showcase their car collections and gain a mark of prestige. As times changed, the garages became less of a storage option for expensive cars or holiday decorations and transformed into a cleaner and more tidy space for more purposes. Thanks to the new flooring, the new changes create a low maintenance option and can decrease the amount of dirt and debris tracked into the property.


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    Many property owners use the garages for entertainment, sports, or as an exercise space. With the durable and aesthetically-pleasing floor installations, the homeowners have started to view their garage as something more than just a casual space, and they find better ways to use the rooms.

    Epoxy has shown the property owners that it creates a floor that is easy to walk on and more comfortable than traditional concrete. They have also discovered that the new developments offer a more inexpensive way to decorate the garage and make it so much more.

    The final element of the epoxy applications is that it is far more wearable and chemical and abrasion-resistant. If the garages aren’t new installations, the epoxy eliminates defects and fills in cracks properly. It is mixed with sand and is easy to repair if the flooring becomes damaged over time.

    It is also slip-resistant and won’t present a risk of falls or personal injuries. After it cures properly, homeowners gain a safer flooring choice for their garages, and won’t have to worry about spills or chemicals on the flooring that create hazards.

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    Better Than Paint

    Commercial property owners choose the flooring for its heightened longevity, and this has increased its appeal among homeowners. Painting was a more cost-effective choice selected by residential property owners, but it doesn’t provide the same benefits as epoxy. Epoxy has a greater longevity and decreases the appearance of cracks in the flooring.

    Once our installers complete your installation, you will notice manage positive changes in the concrete slab. The application could provide a beautiful floor for the garages and give you a product that lasts for many years without major maintenance tasks.

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    Time to Prepare

    For the resin-based coating, our technicians evaluate the vapor transmission rate. If the rates exceed the standards, an epoxy primer is required.

    Some property owners do not have the capital or time to remove the existing flooring and start from scratch. The cost and shutdown of the business could generate too high of a cost for the owner. Instead, the property owner could have the flooring resurfaced and apply epoxy applications.

    Brand New Garage Floors

    New home buyers request epoxy over their garage’s concrete slab before moving in.

    When constructing a new home, the concrete slab must cure and dry for at least one month before the epoxy application. By using a primer, it will mitigate further risks to the application and the garage flooring.

    Older Garage Floors

    Without existing issues, our technicians will not face any issues applying the epoxy over an existing garage floor.

    It will fill in cracks and decrease the risk of damage or permanent staining.

    Application for the Epoxy

    Epoxy coating applications take three days to complete. On the first day, our installation team patches any existing damage or cracks in the slab. Next, they apply takes up to three coats of the epoxy primer.

    Professional flooring contractor inspects damaged floor before start of construction in Philadelphia, PA.

    The epoxy application is the last step in the process. Our installation team will determine how many coats are needed for the flooring, and the epoxy will cure overnight. The last step is a polyaspartic topcoat to harden the epoxy and seal it off.

    The applications provide improved durability, heightened longevity, and an aesthetically pleasing look. We know that a brilliant flooring installation takes time, and we will do our best each time. We strive to keep all our customers happier by providing high-quality flooring in the first place and show our customers why true quality is important for all property owners.

    While some contractors use a two-day process, we go the extra mile for our clients. A two-day application won’t give property owners the same high quality, durability, or longevity as our applications. Property owners that settle for less become disappointed with the end results and don’t get the long-lasting flooring they want. We don’t try to sell our clients on a new hybrid installation. We stick with what we know will last.

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