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For many residents, a basement staircase was a source of fear of the unknown, and a basement downstairs meant it was a space covered in cobwebs and maybe laundry equipment. The spaces were often considered that scary space where no one wanted to go.

In many properties, an unfinished basement is often dark and untidy space, and most homeowners just avoid going into the rooms. The living spaces crack easily and could present too much humidity that keeps them damp and unpleasant. Without the right renovations, the spaces are aesthetically displeasing and an unwelcome space.


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    In previous decades, the basement had become an area where families placed items they don’t need often such as holiday decorations. They’ve tried to keep the spaces cleaner and more attractive, but a standard basement doesn’t get used often enough to maintain it.
    Earlier renovations for basements included the installation of carpeting to try to make the room more appealing. Carpeting isn’t an ideal floor covering for a humid or damp basement and could increase the risk of mold.

    It was never ideal for projects, and carpeting stains. The cost of installing the flooring and deep cleaning it to treat stains made it less cost-effective. Even vacuuming each day won’t remove the debris that becomes trapped in the carpeting.

    Previously, alternative flooring choices were expensive and less cost-effective than carpeting. These choices have included vinyl, wood, and linoleum. In a basement, the flooring choices were costly to install and presented a multitude of issues for the property owners. Mold, stains, cleaning difficulties and slipping made these choices far less appealing for property owners.

    Property owners have become incredibly annoyed with the results and wanted their basement to look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. They wanted more organization and painting the floors become the trend of the day.

    The paint applications would never last long because of foot traffic, and the property owner would have to continue to repaint it to maintain the results that were never permanent. While the alternative flooring choices have improved the way the basements looked, safety became a more serious risk for the property owners. Slipping and falling on the flooring increased, and more property owners sustained injuries. Spills on the floors made these choices ineffective and impossible to remove.

    The Epoxy Floor Coating Basement Solution

    The Needs

    Today’s homeowners see the basement as a bonus space for many uses, and it has become an important living space for property owners. The way in which owners use the room determines what they need in the room to make it better. They need flooring that is durable and stain-resistant. If the flooring is easier to clean, this makes it even better for property owners.

    Why? The lifestyles of property owners today require spaces for very specific activities:

    • The owners need more room for stuff they need to store since more homeowners accumulate more material possessions.
    • The basement must provide a dedicated space for laundry that is separate from spaces used for activities, and some of the basement may remain unfinished.
    • A section within the basement may need to set up a portion of the room as a playroom for their children.
    • Homeowners may need a dedicated workspace away from primary living spaces.
    • The basement gives homeowners a place for DIY projects and tasks that are too messy for their living room or the hobbies the owner has grown to love.

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    Prep and Application

    Epoxy flooring applications take up to three days to complete.

    Once the contractors assess the flooring and confirm that it is viable for the application:

    1. The workers clean and diamond grind the flooring. This creates a better surface for the flooring choice.
    2. They apply a concrete vapor control primer for the flooring. Two subsequent applications of the epoxy improve the durability and aesthetics of the flooring.
    3. The flooring must dry for at least 72 hours and cure for at least 24 hours. No one can walk on the floor until the drying process is completed.

    Durability, Longevity, and Safety

    The epoxy application presents heightened durability for the basement flooring, and it will stand up to all the ways homeowners use the room. It is great for toys, work tasks, and heavy foot traffic. They won’t have to worry about damaging the floor if they drop heavy tools or other objects on the floor.

    The applications are abrasion and impact-resistant, and the flooring choice is childproof. No one will slip and fall on the floor and become injured. The floors are also easy to maintain even for an owner that has a busy household schedule.

    Shiny orange epoxy floor professionally installed in Philadelphia, PA.

    A More Attractive Floor

    Property owners get a beautiful floor after the application. Property owners can get a variety of colors for their flooring and could add decorative patterns to the floors. After the application is completed, they get many years of use with limited maintenance tasks.

    The Health and Welfare of the Owner

    Since the flooring will be sealed, the owner won’t have to worry about bacteria buildup, and the flooring won’t have any cracks. They can rest assured that mold and mildew will not develop in the space. The floors create a healthier environment and won’t present the risk of vapors or odors in the basement.

    The Floors are Easy to Maintain

    Maintenance and cleaning are not difficult tasks. The property owner can brush or vacuum off the dust and dirt from the flooring in minutes. They can use a damp mop and light cleaner to lift and remove dirt that has become stuck on the floors. The property owner can clean up spills quickly and never have to worry about stains.

    Epoxy flooring is a great choice for all commercial and residential property owners, and the flooring will last for many decades. Homeowners can get exceptional floors for basements and improve the living space dramatically and increase the property’s value. Property owners can learn more about the flooring installations by contacting Guardian Epoxy Flooring now for a consultation!

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