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Traditional flooring options can become quite boring and bland, and many property owners are ready to start home improvement projects that can give them everything they’ve ever dreamed of for their property. Owners that are ready to take the leap into more aesthetically pleasing and exotic floor choices start looking outside the box.

If you are ready, we have great news for you, our team offers affordable rates for impressive metallic epoxy flooring coatings that transform a living space quickly. By choosing metallic epoxy, property owners get professional installations, affordable rates, warranties, and a breathtaking floor.


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    What Makes Metallic Epoxy So Special?

    Metallic epoxy is a new trend that offers jaw-dropping results, and property owners love the unique beauty of its features. The exceptional benefits of these brand-new flooring systems are listed here.

    A Stunning Appearance

    The greatest benefit of installing the metallic epoxy flooring is that it is stunning and improves a living space instantly. It offers metallic pigments within the solid flooring design that transfers in front of the eyes of homeowners and creates a breathtaking work of art. The designs look similar to crashing waves of the water or even lava. It is an impressive flooring choice for all property owners.

    Easily Maintained Flooring Choice

    Metallic epoxy flooring doesn’t require extensive maintenance despite the assumption that it is heavy-duty and needs extensive maintenance. It is among the easiest flooring choice to maintain, and property owners do not need to have the flooring waxed or polished. They can use a wet mop or broom to clean the floor and maintain it without great difficulties.

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    Add Value to Your Home

    For property owners, the flooring investment provides almost immediate results, and it is worth the cost. The metallic epoxy floor coating adds value to the property within a short installation period. It is also an amazing choice to repair a concrete floor quickly. Epoxy coatings can help property buyers get approved for a mortgage or help them pass a property inspection when selling the home.

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    Waterproof Your Basement

    Basement flooring may remain damp because of the humidity in the room, and this makes it a target for mold and mildew. The environmental developments can destroy the entire space and spread to the upper levels of the home. To manage these effects, the property owner could waterproof the flooring and add metallic epoxy coatings that improve the aesthetics of the room. Once the application cures, the floor is mold and mildew resistant and won’t become damaged because of the unwanted substances.

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    Chemical-Resistant Flooring Choices

    Property owners need flooring that is resistant to chemicals and won’t become damaged easily. Since the flooring applications are designed for industrial spaces, the property owner could get more protection against chemicals and other substances. The owner won’t have to worry about spills that lead to stains and profound damage. The applications offer improved protection against a variety of chemicals found in most properties.

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    Unlimited Design Options

    A great element of the metallic epoxy installations is that our team can customize the floors to meet the owner’s expectations. We can add multiple colors to make the flooring coordinate with the owner’s preferred color scheme and increase the aesthetics of the property. It can transform a room and make it far more elegant and sophisticated.

    Is Metallic Epoxy Strong?

    Just because the metallic epoxy flooring is more attractive than industrial installations doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as strong and durable.

    Our metallic epoxy installations include the same strong epoxy as industrial and commercial selections, and homeowners get the same level of strength, durability, and heightened longevity. It is a force to be reckoned with and won’t disappoint the property owners.

    It is resistant to daily wear and tear, heavy foot traffic, impacts from falling objects, abrasions, scratches, fires, and electricity. Property owners will get peace of mind by setting up these installations.

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    Metallic Epoxy is Affordable

    Metallic epoxy floor applications are not expensive, and most homeowners can afford the new installations. The metallic counterpart is more pricy than standard selections, but it provides for a worthwhile investment for the owner. We can offer cost-effective flooring for all property owners in Missouri and provide complete estimates.

    Property owners that want to install metallic epoxy floors can find exceptional services with Guardian Epoxy Flooring. We can complete the installations within four days and ensure that it cures properly, and the property owner won’t have to rearrange their lives to get a great floor. To learn more about our terrific flooring services, contact us today for an appointment!

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